Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will You Be My...

We officially have a bridal party, y'all! We are so happy to introduce to everyone our ladies in waiting:

Natali as our Maid of Honor


Savannah and Nicole as our Bridesmaids

This past Christmas, these ladies were given a couple special gifts from Judy. As an early Christmas present, each lady received a chunky envelope which sat on top a larger package. The chunky envelope had asked to be opened first:

Inside the envelope, was a sparkly, jingly Christmas tree ornament with their initial on the front. On the other side of the ornament, the beginning of the question had been asked:

Next, the ladies were to open the larger package. Inside were cookies iced with question marks which laid atop a glass plate. (Each lady received a different patterned plate that Judy felt would be suitable to their respective tastes.) The ladies would then remove the cookies, revealing the surprise ending to the ornament's question:

Fortunately, they all said "Yes!" Be sure to check back later to specifically find out how Judy popped the question, step-by-step. In the meantime, get to know our bridal party!