Sunday, September 9, 2012

Date is SET!

It's official. We have set our date!

There were some factors we needed to weigh. It definitely needed to be conducive to Aaron's school/research schedule and Judy's parents being in Angola and all. Since her parents plan on returning to Houston every Christmas, and Aaron having Christmas break available, we figured that is probably around the time we could get married.

We also have friends and family traveling to Houston for the big day. So, we wanted to be able to have them make the most of their stay with all that Houston has to offer (For family-friendly ideas, check out Things to Do). That's when we opted to have our big day on a Thursday. Not only are we saving a LOT of monies on whichever venue we choose, but it allows the flexibility of using the weekend for some fun activities (and party time with our long-distance friends, of course).

With those few factors in mind, we also didn't want the wedding day to be too close to Christmas Day or New Years Eve. It took some deliberation (and caused some headache), but we can now present to you... our wedding date: December 12, 2013.

Even though we have yet to book our venue - which we will do around Thanksgiving - we doubt we'll have any issues reserving a date so far in advance. Hooray!